THE BALL – The explanation for the delay in the forensic audit (Benfica)

The forensic audit promised by Rui Costa during the election campaign will only be completed “by the end of the year” and Domingos Soares de Oliveira, co-CEO of SAD incarnate, explained, in an interview with the newspaper online ECO, the delay in the whole process.

“This concerns, in total, three subjects. One, the Imosteps affair, has nothing to do with Benfica, the second has to do with Mr John Textor and the third, yes, it is a relevant question which is to understand whether, in relation to certain player contracts, Benfica SAD was harmed. What Benfica management understood was to hire an entity that could develop a forensic audit and that had never worked with Benfica. This entity was EY and therefore developed research work on these first three contracts, ”said the red leader, referring to three signings of South American players.

“These results, as I say, are associated with processes that are in judicial secrecy. There’s also one thing we can’t do, and certainly the Crown wouldn’t like that, and that’s release that information. We are not journalists, we are the entity that may have been harmed and it is in this position that we operate. It is important to note that if anything had been identified that led to suspicion that the company had been wronged, it would have been published. The president himself mentioned at the time that he would be relentless with these types of results,” added Domingos Soares de Oliveira.

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