THE BALL – The Portuguese tries to bring Luis Suárez closer to Emelec (Atlético Madrid)

At 35, after two seasons at Atlético Madrid, during which he scored 34 goals, Luís Suárez is free on the market and the race for his services is on.

BOLA knows what the Ecuadorian giant Emelec has already offered the Uruguayan international, a reference for several seasons in clubs the size of Ajax, Liverpool and Barcelona, ​​where he has stood out as one of the greatest players in the world.

The Ecuadorian club are in a transition phase preparing a full-scale attack on the market, awaiting an election to bring José Auad Valdez to the presidency, who has already announced former France international David Trezeguet as sporting director, the Portuguese being involved in the José Almeida project as sports adviser to the still candidate, who expected elections in December, but postponed to June 20. The Portuguese Rui Almeida (good career in French clubs and passage to Gil Vicente) is the choice already assumed for the technical command and could soon appear in Guayaquil.

Luís Suárez now appears as the great market coup of Emelec, which seeks to seduce the formidable Uruguayan striker with a proposal at the level of the best emblems in Europe.

The proposal – two years and another option – has already gone to the player’s agent and lawyer, who reported Suárez’s receptivity to a move to South America, being able to take advantage of virtually similar conditions in Ecuador to those he had at Atlético Madrid. , receiving between $2.5 million and $3 million, with the benefit of being tax exempt, in addition to several goal-based payouts, the most significant of which is associated with the club’s desire to win the Libertadores . Suárez could naturally be tempted by more clubs but he already has an open door in Ecuador, in a situation pointed out by his agent as very advantageous, and there could be developments soon.

The Emelec project, as we have already said, should be headed by the Portuguese Rui Almeida, who will be able to present himself with a reinforcement from the line of Suárez but also with many other sportsmen, with a two-year agreement with the goalkeeper Bulgarian international Nikolay. Mihaylov and a strong attention to the Portuguese market from which elements for different positions can come.

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