THE BALL – Toni Martínez: the victory in Luz and the revelation over Sérgio Conceição (FC Porto)

For his second season with FC Porto, Toni Martínez says he has realized a dream: to be champion of Portugal. In an interview on Marca radio’s ”La Pizarra de Quintana”, he tells how he experienced the victory against Benfica, which sealed the conquest.

“I am very happy, it was a wonderful year. We managed to be champions and next week we can win another title. It’s a goal achieved, a dream come true. My goal was to sign for a big club, after the pandemic, and that was it. It was not easy, but I was lucky that FC Porto noticed me. When you go to a big team, it’s to win titles. The victory in Luz, against Benfica, was a unique sensation. To be champion of the League, with his teammates, with the supporters … That’s what we live for: for the titles, ”he said.

Asked about Sérgio Conceição, the 24-year-old Spanish striker had a… curious answer. “I prefer to have him as a teammate rather than a rival,” he said before adding: “His footballing experience, as a player, helps him a lot to read situations. He’s a very smart coach. He knows what he has and knows how to use it even better. For example, in the Champions League, we faced Milan, Liverpool, Atlético Madrid, in each match it was, as they say, die or die. Everyone knows that these clubs have greater economic availability than FC Porto, but we fought for something. He manages the locker room and playing time well, which is very important in such a long year. Everyone is on board, no one is waiting. He gives opportunities and those who wait for them must respond.

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