THE BALL – Vítor Pereira draws in Colombia in a penalty shootout (videos) (Libertadores)

Corinthians, led by Portuguese coach Vítor Pereira, did not go beyond a goalless draw with Deportivo Cali, on Colombian soil, at dawn this Thursday, in a match of the 4th round of the Group E of the Libertadores Cup.

The Portuguese coach saw Teo Gutiérrez, captain of the hosts, a striker who in 2015/2016 represented Sporting, in an attempt to convert a penalty (67th), shot denounced in two shots by goalkeeper Cássio. It is recalled that, also faced with the Rodfive years ago, Gutiérrez had played into the waste of a penalty, in a way that was unorthodox to say the least.

However, Vítor Pereira will see another missed penalty, at 84′, in favor of his team, by Fábio Santos – who had shone at 46′ by refusing the 1-0 to Deportivo Cali, at the top of the line – with short stop not sanctioned by the referee, clumsily shoots on the platform.

In the other match of group E, Boca Juniors won, by 1-0, in the Bolivian capital, La Paz, against Always Ready (ground where Corinthians lost, by 2-0, in the 1st round), by the minimum margin, with a goal from the penalty spot (highly contested), scored by Eduardo Salvio, former star of Benfica: indifferent to the controversy, from 11 meters, he showed how it is done, with composure and category , and thwarted the opposing goalkeeper, who projected from the right, in front of the shot from the ex-embodied.

After this trip, Corinthians remain in command of Group E, with seven points, but now with the Argentines at just one point and, in the next round, on the 18th of this month, receiving training from Vítor Pereira in Bombonera.

Penalty missed by Teo Gutiérrez (Deportivo Cali):

Penalty missed by Fábio Santos (Corinthians):

Penalty scored by Eduardo Salvio (Boca Juniors):

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