THE BALL – “We want more young players in the main team” (Benfica)

The winning team of the Youth League was, this Tuesday, received at the Town Hall of the Municipality of Seixal by the president, Joaquim Santos. Rui Costa, president of Benfica, hailed the achievement and spoke of the “pride” of the winners of the competition, who in the final of the competition crushed the Austrians of Salzburg, 6-0.

Thank you for this beautiful tribute to the heroes of Nyon, the fourth was for good, in a job that has lasted since 2006. Benfica are from Lisbon, represented all over the world, but it is in Seixal that their grassroots football is based. I thank the municipality for all the love and support, we are proud to be here. I thank all those who passed by here, who participated in the first three finals, we did not have the result we wanted. The Nyon final makes us all proud”, began by saying the top leader of the Reds.

“Although there has been a lot of talk about Cidade Benfica, a project that we will also carry out, Seixal is our base and will remain so for many years. We have no reason to leave. I don’t want to go too far, this victory was the beginning and not the end of his career. This project is to have more players from our formation in the Benfica team, as we have in the richest teams in the world. The name Benfica is confused with Benfica Campus. Train to win, we want you to fully believe in the club, in the work done in these facilities. This is where we will continue to work and this is where we will continue to win”, he guaranteed during a ceremony attended by Domingos Soares de Oliveira. Henrique Araújo, author of a hat-trick in final in Switzerland, was the only absentee.

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