THE BALL – What did Guardiola say to the players after the defeat in Madrid? “Nothing” (Manchester City)

In the first press conference after the loss to Real Madrid, Pep Guardiola was asked what he said to the players in the dressing room to get them through Champions League elimination.

“Whatever it is. There are no words to overcome how we feel. Only time can help, sleep as well as possible and think about the next goal. On Saturday we will be together and talk about the type of team that we are and what we did to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League,” he said during the preview of the game against Newcastle.

On whether this group of players can win the Champions League in the future: “That’s a question I can’t answer. Football is unpredictable. (…) People will say that this group is a failure if it doesn’t win a title, I don’t agree at all. We know how difficult it is to fight for titles. We can fight or give up. We accept that people are sad, but we were close. For this club to compete like we face Real Madrid is a joy.

On whether this loss will increase ambition to win more titles: “No, I still have that ambition. I can’t spend a year thinking I’m happy at the club. If we had won the Champions League, it would have been thanks to the investment we made and not the work we did. I would have liked to be in the final, but we have superiorities compared to what happened in Madrid.

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