THE BALL – “Whoever violates must suffer the consequences” (Football)

“We are committed to truth and integrity. It involves following the rules and the rules are clear. Anyone who violates must suffer the consequences. Direct, Emanuel Medeiros, Global CEO of Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA), responded to A BOLA regarding the decision – radiation to life – of the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) regarding the Portuguese referee Daniel Zeferino, for manipulation of the results.

“The situation offers no controversy. We must work constantly so that sport lives in the light and not in opacity, in legality and not in secrecy,” he added. On the day he completed 100 days of re-election to power, he regretted “having seen a sport react after the phenomena had occurred”.

“We are always reactive and not proactive”, he stressed, when signing a partnership with the Municipality of Cascais, from which he received the support of the Week of Integrity in Sport, from 12 to September 16, at NOVA SBE, in Carcavelos and Casa de Santa Maria, a space designed by Raul Lino, next to the marina of Cascais, official headquarters of SIGA Europe, where the event took place.

“We want structural reforms in sport, not only on the four axes, but especially in the industry. It is up to SIGA to provide the conditions so that sports bodies, governments and civil society can create a united front to strengthen the regulation, training, education and training of managers, referees, coaches, players and athletes. , he listed.

“It’s an industry that deserves respect. Whether it is a football referee or someone who makes the results addictive with sports betting for personal gain, it is wrong,” Emanuel Medeiros pointed out. “As we have seen this week, in this country, we have experienced tragic and sad episodes of violence that tarnish the purity of sport and the values ​​it contains,” he warned.

Carlos Carreiras, Mayor of Cascais, clarified that the municipality over which he presides and SIGA “share a vision of the world in which, both in life and in sport, honesty beats cheating, truth beats lies, chivalry beats everything and where hope beats fear.

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