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Sérgio Conceição: ‘The moment of Fernando’s goal reflects what our dressing room is all about’

Sérgio Conceição, coach of FC Porto, was naturally satisfied after the triumph against Estoril (2-0) at the Estádio do Dragão, in the last round of the Bwin League.

“[Onze diferente?] We can’t stop, I looked at the team which, for this match, gave me more guarantees and that’s how I built the team. Also think about the Cup final, which is the most important thing, but never prepare for two matches at the same time. I think those players who were joining deserve to play too. The dedication is maximum, the spirit is fantastic, and the moment when Fernando scored a goal sums it all up, the joy of everyone, it reflects our locker room well”, began by saying the coach of the Dragons, addressing more in details the debut of the Brazilian.

“I felt moved. Fernando had a very good start to the season, he was badly injured, they asked me if he could do the recovery work at FC Porto and I said yes. That’s the one of us, we followed the months of suffering and dedication, always with a fantastic spirit, and he received this well-deserved prize. He works very well, Cláudio Ramos the same, Meixedo, Rúben… it is the condiment that was missing two years ago, all together to celebrate an even more beautiful party”.

Very moved when asked about his parents, Conceição said: “They would say that they would be proud of me, probably. To have the maximum dedication, to give as much as possible, to devote to them every moment that I achieve everything throughout my life. They are in my thoughts and in everything I do in my life,” he concluded.

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