The club collapses and the president forces the team to kneel and ask for forgiveness

There is a controversy we are talking about in Spain. The president of a basketball team has forced players to kneel and apologize to fans after the team was relegated to the last round of the Spanish league.

Hereda San Pablo Burgos still had a slim chance of securing the retainer in a straight fight with Urbas Fuenlabrada, but ended up losing, at home, and even fell to the second tier of Spanish basketball while the opponent celebrated their stay.

The dismay was evident, not only among the players, but also in the stands, with many fans in tears, with the loss of a team that had achieved surprising results over the past two years.

It was in this atmosphere of consternation that President Felix Sancho descended onto the pitch and, visibly nervous and screaming, demanded that the players kneel down and ask the fans for “sorry”. An attitude much criticized on social networks, insisting on the words of the president of Manresa, Pedro Martinez.

“You shouldn’t apologize when you lose if you were a good professional. Even less, when you are forced to do so by whoever makes the decisions,” the rival club official wrote.

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