The controversy between Rio Ave and Chaves settles before the decisive match



Clube flaviense does not understand the position of Rio Ave regarding the tickets made available for departure from Vila do Conde.

Needing maximum support on the trip to Rio Ave, where both teams scored the “ultimate finale” for divisional promotion – they are separated by three points – Chaves apparently won’t count on the number of fans that ‘he’s looking for.

The Flavian club issued a statement this Wednesday, regretting the attitude of the emblem of Vila do Conde with regard to the tickets available. “By electronic communication received by the SDUQ do Rio Ave, on 05.04.2022, (…) pursuant to Article 105 of the LPPF Competition Regulations, this sports company has been notified, via Model L, that the Rio Ave SDUQ would make 687 seats available to the visiting club.On the same day – 05.04.2022 – Grupo Desportivo de Chaves reserved the 687 seats made available by our opponent. , this sports company is facing an innovative regulatory interpretation by the SDUQ de Rio Ave, where it intends to restrict access to supporters of Grupo Desportivo de Chaves to 5% of the total seats available.

“This sports company, since that date, has attempted, peacefully and with total sportsmanship, to enter into negotiations with our adversary in order to guarantee a mitigated solution, which would not harm any of the sports companies, nor their respective supporters. On the part of our adversary, As of 07.05.2022, Grupo Desportivo de Chaves has only received responses contrary to the Competition Rules in force. Our adversary’s SDUQ does not back down on anti-regulatory complaints, it will disciplinary participation whose fine for the Rio Ave SDUQ could reach values ​​between 127,500 euros and 255,0000 euros”, he adds.

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