The dispute between Edeka and the manufacturer takes a surprising turn

Too similar?  The manufacturer of

Too similar? The manufacturer of “Granini” juices takes legal action against the design of “Albi” juices.Image: /

PET bottles from “Albi”, an in-house brand of the Edeka group, are now back on Netto’s shelves in a new design. The legal dispute between Eckes-Granini and Netto and Edeka over the similar juice bottle design is still ongoing, but is now impacting the range.

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After Netto received a ban on the sale of its juice bottles via an emergency procedure, the group filed a complaint. The Higher Regional Court in Cologne announced at a hearing on Friday that it had found differences in the design of the bottles. The juice manufacturer Eckes-Granini then withdrew its request for a ban on the sale of Netto, as confirmed by a spokesperson for the “Lebensmittelzeitung” court. Now PET bottles have again been spotted at the discounter’s branches.

Legal dispute over bottle design

Background: More than a year ago, the Eckes-Granini demanded higher prices from Edeka and Netto, but they refused. As no agreement could be reached ‘Granini’ and ‘Hohes C’ juices were removed from both retailers’ lineup. In order to fill the gap, they placed their own brand “Albi” juices on their shelves.

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For a long time, “Albi” bottles were only sold in tetra packs.Image: / Michael Gstettenbauer

Since the design of the “Albi” bottles bears certain similarities to the “Granini” bottles, Eckes-Granini took legal action against their sale. Before the regional court in Cologne and the higher regional court in Hamburg, they filed an urgent request to stop the sale of the “Albi” bottles. Both requests were approved, but Edeka and Netto appealed.

An agreement thanks to a new design?

Later, however, the “Albi” bottles returned to Edeka’s shelves with a new design; until now, Netto’s juices have only been available in tetra packs. The verdict from the Hamburg Higher Regional Court is still pending, but the Cologne Regional Court will hear the main proceedings in July.

According to information from the “Lebensmittelzeitung”, the two parties could still agree so that the juices “Granini” and “Hohes C” are again included in the range of the Edeka Group. One of the points of contention is the duration of the negotiations, which Eckes-Granini would like to extend until 2023.


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