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Many call him “arrogant” or “unpleasant”, arguments based on several episodes in his playing and coaching career, creating many enmities in the world of football, but those who know him intimately guarantee that he is “a nice person”. A man of incredible dynamism and determination, he is proof that hard work pays off. Coming from a modest family, the champion coach of FC Porto devoted himself to one of his greatest passions and it is on the pitch, now as a gentleman, that he continues to claim victory. Sérgio Conceição does not like to lose, not even to beans, although life has already given him caused the greatest inconvenience. Marked by a past of pain, the coach of the Dragons does not forget everything he went through before becoming a star of Portuguese and international football. From the death of her parents, when she was only 16 and 18, to her financial difficulties. What saved you? The faith! He is a man who has placed all his trust in God and who “feels fulfilled”.


“I had a difficult childhood. This is how Sérgio Conceição started talking about his life journey towards “FLASH!”, in 2016. At only 16 years old, the blue and white coach lost his father in a tragic motorbike accident the day after he wore the FC Porto jersey for the first time as a player. Two years later, his mother died.

“I lost my parents very young. I was 16 when I lost my father and 18 when I lost my mother. It was a hard blow, because I come from very modest families. was hard“, he recalls. He continues: “He was like all young teenagers, full of dreams, and all this difficulty revolted me against my own life. It was not an easy time.

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It is with nostalgia and love that the former Portuguese international, who wore the colors of Parma, Lazio, Inter Milan or PAOK, remembered the difficult days with his family. “We were eight brothers and it was not easy. They were very humble people, who worked to support a large family. There were very difficult times.”

In the darkest phase, Sérgio confesses that it was faith in God that saved him and did not let him fall into an abyss: “I am a believer. Religion, for me, was extremely important for my balance, my growth and everything that was the education of my parents, in their own way.”

Sérgio Conceição presented as coach of FC Porto


In this same interview on our site, Sérgio Conceição devalues ​​any criticism that is made of him, justifying, once again, this way of being with his past and with the perfectionism he has with his professional life: “My character is formatted and took shape with all the difficulties I went through. Most people only know me by the image they have of Sérgio Conceição as a player and, now, as a coach, and that’s not quite who I am and what I live for. in my daily life with my family and friends.”

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