The English title will be decided on the last day: accounts of Manchester City and Liverpool – England

The Reds beat Southampton tonight and are still in contention, 1 point behind leaders

Liverpool won at Southampton (1-2) and postponed the title fight in England until the final day. At the start of the final round, Manchester City lead with 90 points, one more than the Reds. So Pep Guardiola’s side know they only need a result similar to Jürgen Klopp’s side to lift the scepter. There is, in these accounts, an aspect to be taken into account. In the Premier League, the first tiebreaker is goal difference, where City have the advantage (+72 vs +66), followed by goals scored, in which the Etihad side are also ahead (96 vs 91 ).


Liverpool return to Southampton and postpone English title to final day

The only way for both teams to finish on the same number of points is if City are beaten at home by Aston Villa and Liverpool draw with Wolverhampton at Anfield. And in that case, unless they lose, for example, by more than six goals, it will always be the Manchester team that wins the championship.

Manchester City (90 points) win the Premier League if:

– Do a similar result to Liverpool
– Draw and Liverpool do not win
– Losing and drawing Liverpool but not being able to undo the six-goal difference

Liverpool (89 points) win the Premier League if:

– Win and man. City draw/lose
– Tie and Man. City lose by more than six goals.

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