The first EU country wants to introduce “menstrual leave”.

Updated on 05/13/2022 at 7:49 p.m.

  • Spain’s parliament could vote next week on whether women over 16 can get leave if they have severe menstrual pain.
  • Temporary medical incapacity for work must apply for at least three days per month.

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Many girls and women suffer from severe menstrual pain. For many, the symptoms before and during the period are so severe that it is difficult or impossible to work or learn.

Spain now wants to be the first European country to legislate so that women over the age of 16 can be freed from severe abdominal pain due to menstruation. Temporary incapacity for work should apply for at least three days a month, reports the Spanish newspaper ‘El Pais’. The regulation is to be part of the new abortion law, which the Spanish parliament will vote on next week. Until then, however, changes to the proposal are still possible.

“Menstrual leave” already exists in several countries

According to the project to which “El Pais” refers, a doctor can extend the sick leave from three days to five days if the woman suffers from severe pain, cramps, colic, nausea, dizziness and vomiting at the during her menstrual cycle. A medical break, as now provided for in Spain, already exists in South Korea, Japan and Indonesia, among others. (mf)

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