The Greens are “warmongers”: Lafontaine blames the United States for the war in Ukraine

Greens are “warmongers”
Lafontaine blames the United States for the war in Ukraine

Former leftist Lafontaine holds the United States and NATO partly responsible for the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Russian security interests would have been ignored for years. German politics are not doing well either. He calls the Greens warmongers and even the SPD a “vassal of the United States”.

Former left-wing leader Oskar Lafontaine blamed the United States and NATO for Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. Russia’s security interests have been consistently ignored, Lafontaine told the Junge Welt newspaper in an interview. “We have been in a phase for a long time where Russia and China are surrounded militarily by the United States,” Lafontaine told the newspaper. “For 20 years, Moscow has been stressing that Ukraine should not be admitted into NATO. This means that no American missiles can be deployed on the Ukrainian-Russian border. These security interests have been constantly ignored. is one of the main reasons for the outbreak of the Ukrainian war.”

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 after months of troop deployment. The country attacked is not a member of NATO and no NATO missiles are stationed there. Regarding the Russian attack on Ukraine, Lafontaine said: “I condemn this war as I unreservedly condemn all other wars that violate international law. But at the same time, he accused US President Joe Biden of “starting a war of attrition” through billions in aid to Ukraine. The United States did not want peace, but a weakening of its Russian rival.

Lafontaine, who himself was leader of the SPD for a time in the past, described the federal government under Chancellor Olaf Scholz as “loyal vassals of the United States” and the Greens as “warmongers”. He accused parts of his former party, Die Linke, of following a similar path to that of the SPD and the Greens. After leaving the SPD, Lafontaine was a co-founder of the Left Party, but also left that party in protest in the spring.

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