The special “sound” of the Sahra Wagenknecht

Wagenknecht is silent when asked about a withdrawal from Donbass

“Putin can end this war immediately,” said Bild journalist Paul Ronzheimer after Johannes Vogel previously recalled that Ukraine had voluntarily given up its nuclear weapons in 1994 in exchange for security guarantees. The FDP MP called Wagenknecht’s view “fatal”. Markus Lanz now wanted to know from Wagenknecht whether she thought it would be good for the Russians to “withdraw from Crimea and Donbass”. However, despite repeated interventions (“You can answer my question with a yes or a no…”, “You have no opinion on that?”), he was unable to obtain an answer from her part, except that she didn’t think it was realistic.

Speaking was political scientist and Europe scholar Daniela Schwarzer, who had breathed in so much during Wagenknecht’s speech that Markus Lanz presented her with an oxygen mask. Of course, it would be good to go back to the situation before the Russian annexation of Crimea and before the attack in eastern Ukraine – “which is politically realistic today, we must first ask Kyiv”. After all, Ukraine is “a sovereign state and we should treat it as such”.

FDP Vice Vogel stunned

After Paul Ronzheimer described that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj had expressed a willingness to negotiate with him, Sahra Wagenknecht presented a new narrative to the group: Negotiations had taken place in Istanbul in March, and a ceasefire was on. the point of being concluded, then but Bucha’s atrocities were taken as a reason to break off the negotiations. After all, it would have been necessary to negotiate “especially” afterwards.

The statement leaves him “stunned”, said FDP Vice Vogel, “to tell Ukraine to negotiate now while its people are being massacred, raped and executed, which seems abstruse to me.” The aim must be to put Ukraine in a military position “so that it can negotiate seriously and not on Putin’s terms”.

Wagenknecht: NATO has changed its war aims

Political scientist Schwarzer agreed: “The first prerequisite for any peace negotiation is the cessation of hostilities. She also contradicted the thesis that the United States had an interest in the war continuing as long as possible – the Biden administration had to justify itself domestically for the enormous expenditure.

Imperturbable, Sahra Wagenknecht explained that NATO had “changed the war aims” in the meantime, and that the United States was anxious to “weaken Russia as much as possible”. However, Markus Lanz had prepared the corresponding quote from US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and presented it: “We would like to see Russia weakened to the point where it can no longer do what it did when it invaded the ‘Ukraine”. It was “something fundamentally different”.

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