The tax authorities ask Fernando Santos for 4.5 million euros from the IRS

The Tax Administration (AT) combed through the contracts between Fernando Santos and the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) and ended up requiring the national coach to pay an additional 4.5 million euros in IRS . These are the years 2016 and 2017, years in which, through a company, Fernando Santos received almost 10 million euros from the Federation, after declaring and paying the IRS on an annual salary €70,000 (€5,000 per month). Fernando Santos appealed to the arbitration tribunal, represented by Morais Leitão, who has accompanied him since at least 2014.

For the tax authorities, the way Fernando Santos collected FPF income and his salary – through a sole proprietorship – was artificial and aimed mainly at reducing taxes. In September 2014, when he became head of selection A, Fernando Santos did not sign an individual employment contract. A few months earlier, in January 2014, he had created a company, Femacosa, of which he became managing partner, and it was to this company that the Federation entrusted the provision of services, both for the coach and for his assistants. .

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