The United States is moving its fleets to the Baltic Sea – a clear signal to Russia

Led by the “USS Kearsarge”, the US Navy sent a large fleet to the Baltic Sea. With this, the United States wants to support its NATO partners and membership candidates Sweden and Finland. At the same time, it is a clear signal to Russia and Vladimir Putin.

The United States moved the landing ship USS Gunston Hall and the helicopter carrier USS Kearsarge to the central Baltic Sea on Saturday. There is also a destroyer that has already been sent to the Baltic Sea. There, the fleet association, which has been one of the largest in the region for decades, is to carry out joint maneuvers with NATO partners.

US Station Naval Training in the Baltic Sea

First of all, the “Kieler Nachrichten” talked about it. Denmark’s navy served as an escort for American ships across the Baltic Sea. Security circles say the relocation of the fleet is a clear signal for Russia – its navy had started maneuvers in the Baltic Sea in April and sent the “Ivan Gren” there.

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The USS Kearsarge has been in service with the US Navy since 1993. The helicopter carrier is 257.2 meters long and 33.5 meters wide and can displace over 40,000 tons. About 100 officers, 1000 sailors and up to 1900 soldiers can be accommodated on the ship. The “USS Kearsarge” is equipped with helicopters, fighter jets and tanks, among others.

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The USS Gunston Hall has been in service with the US Navy since 1989. According to reports, the 185.6 meter long and 25.6 meter wide berth landing ship can accommodate 22 officers, 391 crew and up to 500 marines. (fbo)

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