The United States wants to deliver modern anti-ship missiles to Ukraine

In March, at the NATO summit in Brussels, American circles learned that the delivery of anti-ship missiles to Ukraine was under discussion. It was said at the time that they had “started working on it”. In April, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked NATO member Portugal for a supply of harpoons. The Bundeswehr also has the weapon system.

Nobody wants to be the first

According to insiders, there are now a number of states that would in principle be ready to send such missiles to Ukraine. However, no one wants to be the first to do so for fear of the Russian reaction if a warship is sunk by a missile belonging to that country. One of the government officials told Reuters there is now a “well endowed” country that may be ready to deliver first. Then other states could follow.

According to previous information from the United States, there are several obstacles and concerns regarding the transfer of more powerful and longer-range weapons to Ukraine. These include long training times, difficulties in maintaining the systems and the fear that the Russian armed forces could seize them. An escalation of the conflict is also to be feared. There are also technical difficulties, since the Harpoon, for example, is not really intended for breaking down land.

US Senate passes $40 billion package

The US Congress also passed a new $40 billion aid package for Ukraine on Thursday. After the House of Representatives, the Washington Senate voted Thursday in favor of the package, which provides, among other things, six billion dollars for armored vehicles and air defense systems for the Ukrainian armed forces. There was a large cross-party majority of 86 votes to 11 for the new aid to Ukraine. Now President Joe Biden has yet to sign the law.

The package also includes $9 billion worth of weapons for the US Armed Forces after they shipped numerous armaments to Ukraine. Nine billion dollars are earmarked for maintaining government functions in Ukraine. In addition, the United States also provides additional funds for humanitarian assistance.

The US Congress approved $14 billion for Ukraine in mid-March. Then, in late April, President Biden called on Congress to approve $33 billion in additional funding. However, parliamentarians went further and increased the new aid to $40 billion. The aid package was passed last week by the House of Representatives and now by the Senate.

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