“There are setbacks that I did not count on”

Paulo Sérgio says Portimonense ‘with constraints’ will try to compete with Sporting

Paulo Sérgio assured that Portimonense will try to rival Sporting on Saturday in Portimão in the penultimate leg of the I Liga Bwin, despite “some last minute constraints”.

“Let’s try to compete [pelos pontos] with a very strong team, with a lot of quality and who had an excellent championship, knowing the difficulties that we are going to encounter”, said the Algarve coach.

In a preview of the game with the reigning national champions, Paulo Sérgio said that the team “will try to give a good image and compete to the limit”, despite the fact that the squad has been reduced, in reason for the departure of several players. and “some last-minute constraints”. hour”.

“We expect a very strong Sporting and, as their coach said, they are a team that goes to every game to win, whether for the title or for what he plans for next season. .No one enters the field to facilitate anything,” he predicted.

Paulo Sérgio reiterated his hope that the Algarve can “live up to a team as strong as Sporting, in order to make it difficult for them and try to surprise them”.

The coach added that “although Portimonense has already achieved the goal [a permanência na I Liga]the team must enter the field to make the profession worthy”.

“It won’t be easy, because Sporting is an excellent team, very well worked, but it is our ambition, to test ourselves and show professionalism”, he underlined.

The coach added that “the team’s options have been reduced since January, with the departure of several players and, for the match with the national champion, there are other setbacks which I did not count on”.

“Many teams have strengthened since January and we have lost athletes and we haven’t had any new solutions. It’s a situation that is part of football, because we are a selling club. The options have been reduced, but we still achieved our goals,” remarked.

Paulo Sérgio said the range of options for the game against Sporting “is even more reduced, due to a last-minute absence, which he did not count on”, apologizing for revealing the players prevented from face the leonine team. .

Portimonense, in 12th place with 35 points, will face Sporting, second with 79 points, on Saturday in a match scheduled at the Estádio Municipal de Portimão, at 8:30 p.m., with referee Rui Costa.

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