“They can’t prove what they say or insinuate”

The declarations of Pinto da Costa, made on the day of the consecration of FC Porto champion of 2021/22, in a report by SIC.

Pinto da Costa, in statements to the “Dragões de Ouro”, at the Estádio do Dragão, in 2021, took the opportunity to denounce “slanders and lies” which, according to him, had become public, without referring directly, but alluding to the searches ordered by the DCIAP in several places in the country, including your residence. Alerting that he would not make any speeches and would simply express whatever he felt, the FC Porto president drew inspiration from a poem by Fernando Pessoa to say that he still felt he could “be useful” to the club “for a while” and continues. the attack.

“I keep dreaming and I’m sure God will allow me to do it: to have time to prove, in the right place, the orchestration of certain media, slander and lies, to confront myself, FC Porto and my friends . certain that I will still have time to demonstrate what I have always been and what my parents taught me to be: a serious and honorable person, without having to say anything. , because FC Porto is eternal “, he said in November last year.

However, in statements to SIC, on the day of the consecration of FC Porto champion 2021/22, he again guaranteed that no one will have anything to report to him when he leaves the presidency of FC Porto.

“I maintain the conviction, because I am absolutely sure that they have nothing to report to me. They can even point to me, but they cannot prove anything of what they say or imply: that I received commissions, that deposits have been made in my accounts, my accounts are open, they are clear, I do not have accounts elsewhere than in Portugal, so it is easy for them to see my accounts and they do not find there not a euro that is not justified by my work or business that I have done legally, and that he has paid the respective taxes, ”he said, later emphasizing that the processes did not concern him.

“Nothing. I don’t give a damn,” he said dryly.

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