“They have nothing to do with FC Porto”

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The Tondela GNR sent him to the command of Viseu, but he did not specify the intervention that was made at the scene.

Gilberto Coimbra, president of Tondela, confirmed to O JOGO the incidents that took place in the club’s store, which was attacked yesterday by supporters, allegedly of FC Porto, who were unable to buy tickets for the Cup final from Portugal, which the club will have reserved exclusively for partners at this stage. “There was contempt and stone throwing,” he said. “The necessary measures will be taken, but no relevance should be given to this disregard, which has nothing to do with FC Porto of Portugal.

Also contacted by O JOGO, the GNR of Tondela sent him to the command of Viseu. AT THE GAME, Lt. Col. Resende only confirmed the incident.

“I confirm that the GNR were called to the scene, the disregard would have to do with the fans buying tickets,” he said. When asked if the supporters in question were identified and if they had accessories that connoted them with FC Porto, he did not specify: “I do not confirm”.


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