‘This is democracy in action’: Biden spokeswoman PSAKI resigns

“It’s living democracy”
Biden spokeswoman PSAKI resigns

She wanted to bring integrity, respect and civility back to the White House. Under PSAKI, spokesman for US President Biden, the tone and nature of press briefings are changing after the Trump years. Now she is handing over to the first black woman in the position.

Farewell to the White House briefing room in Washington: after almost 16 months as spokesperson for US President Joe Biden, Jen Psaki answered questions from correspondents for the last time. “I promised myself it wouldn’t get emotional,” said the 43-year-old – who meanwhile was still struggling with her feelings. Psaki was one of the prominent faces of the Democratic Biden administration. With the previous deputy spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre, a black woman takes over the important position for the first time after Psaki.

The departure of Psaki was already apparent in April. She herself did not comment on future career plans. According to the media, however, she should move to the liberal television channel MSNBC. PSAKI thanked US President and First Lady Jill Biden, her team and correspondents. “You challenged me, you pushed me, you argued with me, and sometimes we disagreed,” she said. “It’s living democracy.” The mother of two young children also thanked her husband.

PSAKI went on to say that when she spoke to Biden about his future role after winning the election, it was about “bringing integrity, respect and civility back to the White House.” Weekday press conferences had been cut between speakers from Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump. Trump called the critical media “enemies of the people.” With PSAKI, the regular press conferences and respectful treatment of reporters in the briefing room returned.

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