This is the price of tires for electric cars

Many things are different with an electric car than with a combustion engine. Also the cost of the tires: They are significantly more expensive. How much does a tire like this cost? Why is this the case?

The state purchase bonus now makes some green cars cheaper than the comparable combustion model. And when it comes to repairs, insurance, vehicle tax and finally energy costs, it is clear that the electric car is really cheaper than a combustion engine. The situation is different when it comes to tire costs for electric cars. Completely different. This is shown by an evaluation of the tire trading platform Alzura Tyre24 for the trade journal “Automobilwoche”.

Thus, tires for combustion cars cost an average of 90.67 euros in March. Tires for electric cars, on the other hand, cost an average of 134.80 euros, almost half (48.7%) more.

And even these high costs should long ago be a thing of the past. First, tire prices rise until changeover time (switch to summer tires around Easter). And second, Russia’s war in Ukraine is also causing tire manufacturers to run out of raw materials.

In the long term, the difference is even greater: between January 2020 and March 2022, the markup averaged 59.6%.

This is why tires for electric cars are so expensive

The ideal tire for electric cars: It has a large diameter and is as narrow as possible. The small tread reduces rolling resistance, thus saving energy and thus increasing the range of the car. But basically, it’s a tire like any other. So why is it so expensive?

“New products rarely have the price pressure of established products,” Michael Saitow of Saitow AG (operator of the tire trading platform Alzura Tyre24) told the trade newspaper. Because the range of tires for electric cars is small, producers can simply charge high prices. In short: you fill your pockets. This will only become clear with the generalization of the electric car and with an increasing range of tires as a result.

But even by then, motorists will not have to bear these prices. Because Stromer tires bring certain advantages (see above). In general, however, electric cars do not require special tires

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