Tickets: Desp. Chaves “threatens” Rio Ave with disciplinary participation

Desportivo de Chaves threatens to proceed with a disciplinary participation against Rio Ave because of the tickets made available for the match between the two emblems, scheduled for next Sunday, at s Arcos.

As the flavienses explained, the Vilacondenses have made available 687 places for the supporters of Trás-os-Montes in their stadium for the meeting of the last round of the II League. However, according to the version presented by the Trás-Os-Montes club, the emblem of Vila do Conde backed down in its intentions and informed the opponent that it would only be entitled to 5% of the seats available on the site.

After attempting to resolve the issue through dialogue, Desp. Chaves lamented Rio Ave’s “anti-regulatory and unethical” behavioral stance and threatened to move forward with disciplinary action.

Separated by two points at the top of the II Liga, Rio Ave and Desp. Chaves will face off this Sunday at 11:30 a.m.

The statement of Desp. Full keys:

GRUPO DESPORTIVO DE CHAVES – FUTEBOL SAD, hereby informs all its members, supporters, sympathizers as well as the Portuguese Professional Football League and the Portuguese Football Federation, of the following:

I. By electronic communication received from SDUQ do Rio Ave, on 05.04.2022, and regarding the match Rio Ave vs Grupo Desportivo de Chaves, on May 15, 2022, and in accordance with article 105 of the LPPF competitions, this sports company has been notified, via Model L, that the Rio Ave SDUQ would make 687 seats available to the visiting club;

ii. That same day – 04.05.2022 – Grupo Desportivo de Chaves reserved the 687 places made available by our opponent.

iii. It is therefore with complete amazement that on 07.05.2022 this sports company is faced with an innovative regulatory interpretation of the SDUQ of Rio Ave, where it intends to restrict the access of supporters of Grupo Desportivo de Chaves to 5% of the total places available;

iv. This sports company, since that date, has tried, peacefully and with total sportsmanship, to enter into negotiations with our adversary in order to guarantee a mixed solution, which would not harm any of the sports companies, nor their respective supporters;

v. From our opponent, as of 07.05.2022, Grupo Desportivo de Chaves has only received answers contrary to the Contest Rules in force.

seen. This time, Grupo Desportivo de Chaves cannot resign itself to such a position, and informs that, if the SDUQ of our adversary does not withdraw from the anti-regulatory claims, it will proceed to a disciplinary participation including the fine to the SDUQ of Rio With it can reach values ​​between 127,500 EUR and 255,0000 EUR;

vii. Grupo Desportivo de Chaves Futebol SAD does not see itself in this type of posture of anti-regulatory and anti-ethical behavior, so it will protect the interests of its members, fans and supporters regardless of the outcome of the intended match.

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