Troublemaker with Democrats: US senators block abortion law

Complainant bei den Demokraten
US senators block abortion law

The vote was mostly symbolic in nature, but US President Biden is still bitterly upset by the result. Its Democrats are unable to unite in the Senate behind an abortion rights bill. Now it’s up to voters to decide.

As expected, US Senate Democrats failed in their attempt to secure abortion rights through federal law. Republicans blocked a vote on the bill using a more than 100-year-old rule – the so-called filibuster. The rule states that for many bills, 60 of the 100 senators must agree to end debate before there can be a vote. The success of the Democrats was not expected – the vote was primarily symbolic in nature.

No federal law in the United States authorizes or prohibits abortion. However, abortions are allowed at least until the fetus is viable – today around the 24th week. The basis for this is a judgment of the Supreme Court of the United States of 1973. At the beginning of May, the magazine “Politico” published the draft motivation of the judgment of the Supreme Court. This shows that the United States Supreme Court is on the verge of striking down the country’s liberal abortion laws. In the absence of federal legislation, the states would have jurisdiction. Many conservative-ruled states want to largely ban abortion.

US Democrats have a very narrow majority in the Senate. But even that didn’t hold: all Republicans voted against ending the debate. Democrat Joe Manchin joined them by 51 votes to 49. Manchin had previously blocked many of US President Joe Biden’s reform plans in the past.

Republicans in Congress would obstruct Americans’ right to make the most personal decisions about their own bodies, families and lives, Biden reacted to the vote. He urged voters to take that into account in November’s congressional elections. “If they do, Congress can pass this legislation in January and put it on my desk for me to sign,” Biden said.

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