Ukraine sees a new phase of war: the events of the night

The head of the Ukrainian military intelligence service, on the other hand, predicted in an extremely optimistic prognosis that the war would end in a Russian defeat by the end of the year. There will be a turnaround on the front lines by mid-August at the latest, Major General Kyrylo Budanov told British broadcaster Sky News. “The turning point comes in the second half of August.” By the end of the year, Ukraine will regain control of all its territories, including the Crimean peninsula. Budanov also expected major changes in the Kremlin. According to him, a coup against Russian President Vladimir Putin is already underway. He did not provide evidence to support his claims.

Kyiv presidential adviser: Russian military and economy are shaking

According to Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych, the Russian military and economy are on fragile ground. According to the Unian news agency, Arestovych said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s image of “the second largest army in the world” had already been shown to be “false”. The reality of the past few weeks has shown a real picture of the Russian army’s combat capability: “It threatened to dismantle NATO, but has already failed in two villages in the Sumy region (northeast of Ukraine).

At the same time, Zelenskyy’s adviser predicted what he believed to be the impending collapse of the Russian economy this summer. “Any attempt to negotiate with the West will fail,” Arestovych said. This will be felt in July or August at the latest in the event of a possible mobilization. He wondered if the Russian economy could withstand this pressure. “There can be no healthy economy in a country where everything else is rotten.”

kyiv sees the “third phase” of the war

The Ukrainian leadership sees the beginning of the “third phase” of the Russian war of aggression and a protracted struggle associated with it. “The first phase” was an attempt to invade Ukraine “in a matter of days,” Viktor Andrusyw, adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, told television on Saturday evening. In the second phase, the Ukrainian forces were to be surrounded and crushed in several boilers. “And they didn’t either.”

In the new “third phase”, the Russian army has prepared to defend the territory won so far. “It shows they want to make it a long war,” Andrusyw said. Apparently, the Russian government thinks it can force the West to the negotiating table and thus force Ukraine to give in.

Difficult negotiations for Azovstal defenders

According to kyiv, the negotiations on a possible free or partial withdrawal of the Ukrainian soldiers surrounded in the Azovstal factory in Mariupol are “extremely difficult”. This was stated by Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Wereschuk, responsible for the talks, as reported by the Unian agency. “I share the fear and concern of those close to the fort’s defenders,” she said. But there is war. “And in war there are no miracles, only bitter realities.” Therefore, only a “sober and pragmatic approach” will help in this case.

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