Ukraine ticker: Putin accuses the West of a planned invasion

12:42 p.m .: Thuringian President for the Protection of the Constitution warns of Russian acts of sabotage

President of the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Stephan Kramer, warned of security risks for Germany due to the war in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s behavior is “in view of his options less and less predictable and calculable”, Kramer told the “Handelsblatt”: “So we are crossing the line more and more between indirect war and direct participation in the war against Russia. “

It depends on how Moscow assesses Western support for Ukraine, such as arms deliveries. “Sooner or later we will become a direct target of Russia’s attack,” Kramer said. He already thinks it is realistic that in addition to cyberattacks by Russian hackers, there could also be “analog attacks in the sense of acts of sabotage”. He is thinking “of the vulnerable areas of our energy supply, transport, communication, health” as well as supply and production chains. The analogous threat situation for the oil, gas and chemical industry should also not be underestimated.

12:36 p.m.: the Brandenburg Gate shines in Ukrainian colors

The federal government, together with the city of Berlin, has decided to illuminate the Brandenburg Gate in the Ukrainian colors of blue and yellow on the evening of May 9. The reason is today’s Europe Day, said deputy government spokesman Wolfgang Büchner. “This sign of solidarity dates back to an initiative of the French presidency,” he added. In the various EU countries, individual buildings would each shine in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. He said: “Our signal is very clear, the European Union stands with Ukraine and its people.”

12:27 p.m .: Federal government – ​​The oil embargo could be decided soon

According to the federal government, an oil embargo in a new EU sanctions package against Russia could come quickly. The talks are at an advanced stage and the federal government believes they could be concluded soon, a spokesman for the Federal Foreign Office said. The European Union is currently fighting to obtain exemptions for several Eastern European countries, which reject an embargo proposed by the European Commission until the end of the year.

12:14 p.m .: Baerbock tempers expectations of Ukraine’s quick EU membership

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock is tempering expectations that Ukraine, which has been attacked by Russia, will soon join the EU. The Green politician repeated in Frankfurt-on-Oder: “Ukraine belongs to the house of Europe”. But when asked about EU membership, she added: ‘We don’t know when the step can be taken and how it can be done because they are in a terrible war right now.

After the Russian attack on February 24, Ukraine had requested rapid membership of the European Union and had already submitted documents that could serve as the basis for accession negotiations. Baerbock had already expressed reservations about the application for membership at the end of February, stressing that such a procedure normally takes years.

12:05 p.m .: Sweden’s ruling Social Democrats decide on May 15 whether to join NATO

On May 15, Sweden’s ruling Social Democrats will decide whether to back down from their decades-long opposition to NATO membership. The party said it has not yet been decided what the decision will be. If the Social Democrats approved NATO membership, Sweden would almost certainly ask to join the military alliance.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led to a rethinking of security policy not only in Sweden but also in Finland. Finnish President Sauli Niinisto is expected to declare his support for his country’s membership bid on May 12. Formal applications for membership could be submitted at the NATO summit in Madrid in June and processed more quickly.

12:03 p.m .: Göring-Eckardt calls for more weapons for Ukraine

Bundestag Vice-President Katrin Göring-Eckardt (Greens) considers previous arms deliveries to Ukraine insufficient. “I think it’s not enough for Ukraine at the moment and we have to do everything we can to deliver whatever we can somehow deliver with our European partners,” he said. said Göring-Eckardt on RTL/ntv. We must ensure that Ukraine is prepared “in this fight against Putin”: “Either directly, or by exchanging rings, it doesn’t matter.”

“Heavy weapons must be delivered, I think it is very important,” said the green politician. Göring-Eckardt has visited Moldova in recent days and met, among others, with representatives of Ukraine.

11:50 a.m .: UK Defense Secretary believes Ukraine victory likely

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Ukraine’s victory against the Russian military was very likely. He urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to come to terms with the fact that Russia lost in the long run. It is very possible that Ukraine will overwhelm the Russian military to the point where it will either have to retreat to pre-February positions or truly regroup, Wallace told the National Army Museum in London. Referring to Putin, Wallace added: “He has to accept that he lost in the long run, and he absolutely lost. Russia isn’t what it used to be.”

11:38 a.m .: Scholz has not been invited to the celebrations in Moscow

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) did not receive an invitation to Russian celebrations marking the end of World War II in Europe this year. “No invitation has been sent to the Federal Chancellor on the Russian side,” the Federal Press Office said.

In 2005, Gerhard Schröder was the first Chancellor to participate in the May 9 parade. In 2010, Chancellor Angela Merkel traveled to Moscow to attend the celebrations. Merkel was also invited to the Russian capital in 2015. At that time, however, she did not travel on the actual day of the memorial, May 9, but a day later due to Moscow’s support for Russian separatists in Ukraine. .

11:12 am: Satellite images show the destruction of a school in the Lugansk region

Satellite images analyzed by the AP news agency show the destruction of a school in the Lugansk region in eastern Ukraine. It was feared that around 60 people were killed in the Russian airstrike on the building. Planet Labs PBC footage released on Saturday shows the village school of Bilohorivka intact before the attack. A photo taken on Sunday shows that the building has been razed.

11:03 am: Russian negotiator – talks with Ukraine continue

According to Russia, peace talks with Ukraine are continuing. Russian chief negotiator Vladimir Medinsky told the Interfax news agency that they were not over, but would continue from afar. The Russian government has accused Ukraine of blocking the talks and using reports of atrocities committed by Russian soldiers to undermine deliberations. Russia denies targeting civilians in its so-called special military operation in Ukraine.

10:54 am: Ukrainian army reports rocket fire in Odessa region

According to the Ukrainian army, four rockets fell in the Odessa region in southern Ukraine. These are Onyx-type high-precision missiles that were launched from the Crimean peninsula, which was annexed by Russia. No other details were given.

10:52 am: London warns of even greater destruction in Ukraine war

The British military has warned of even greater destruction in the war in Ukraine given dwindling Russian supplies of precision-guided munitions. Russia’s lack of such ammunition means Moscow will turn to increasingly inaccurate missiles and bombs that could cause even more widespread destruction, the UK Defense Ministry tweeted. “As the conflict continues beyond Russian pre-war expectations, Russia’s stockpile of precision-guided munitions is likely to be severely depleted.”

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