Ukraine war ticker Monday May 9: Russia’s space chief threatens Elon Musk and the world: ‘annihilation’ in half an hour

Putin used the military parade in Moscow to justify the war of aggression in Ukraine.

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It’s war in Ukraine. For more than two months. And the end of hostilities is not in sight at the moment. Not even through diplomatic channels. A fierce struggle is raging, especially in the Donbass. News from Monday (May 9).

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Update, 11:38 a.m. – Scholz not invited to Moscow

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) did not receive an invitation to Russian celebrations marking the end of World War II in Europe this year. “No invitation has been sent to the Federal Chancellor on the Russian side“, announced Monday the Federal Press Service.

As a result, in 2010 Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) came to the celebrations in Moscow. As reported by the Federal Press Office, Merkel was also invited to the Russian capital in 2015. At that time, however, she did not travel on Memorial Day, May 9, but a day later and commemorated the victims of war by laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Update, 10:42 a.m. – Zelenskyj promises parade after victory over Russia

Despite the ongoing Russian war of aggression, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy commemorated the 77th anniversary of the victory of the anti-Hitler coalition in World War II. “Our enemy dreamed that we would not celebrate May 9 and the victory over National Socialism,” Zelenskyy said in a video message on Monday. kyiv will not allow anyone to claim victory. “Millions of Ukrainians fought against National Socialism and have come a long and difficult road,” the 44-year-old said. More than eight million Ukrainians perished during World War II.

Just as the Red Army liberated Donetsk, Luhansk, Mariupol, Kherson, Melitopol, Berdyansk and the entire Crimean peninsula from the Nazis, the current occupants would also be expelled, Zelensky said. “On the day of the victory over National Socialism, we are fighting for a new victory”, he underlined. Ukrainians would not fight for “Papa Tsar nor the Führer”. “We are always fighting for ourselves. For our freedom. For our independence,” the head of state said.

Moscow will end up like the Hitler regime, which the Kremlin copies. “And soon we will have two ‘Victory Days’ in Ukraine”, he explained. The Victory Parade will take place on kyiv’s main street, Khreshchatyk.

Two and a half months ago, Russia launched a war of aggression against Ukraine, also under the pretext of “denazification” similar to that of Hitler’s Germany after the Second World War.

Update, 10:08 a.m. – Putin justifies attack on Ukraine with NATO expansion in parade

During the great military parade in Moscow, Vladimir Putin justified the invasion of Ukraine by the enlargement of NATO. “Russia repelled the aggression preemptively, it was the only right decision”, Putin said Monday in Red Square during the parade marking the 77th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. He again accused the West of arming “neo-Nazis” in Ukraine.

Moscow has repeatedly tried to reach an agreement on an international security solution, Putin said. However, NATO ignored Russia’s arguments and began to open Ukrainian territory militarily.

The 69-year-old stressed that victory in World War II had been achieved jointly with the Western Allies, but at the same time lamented the “Russophobia” that prevails among political elites there. “We know that American veterans who wanted to come to the parade in Moscow were effectively banned,” Putin said.

Update, 10 a.m. – Putin justifies Ukraine attack with pompous parade

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a point of view on the conflict in Ukraine warned of the danger of a new world war. Everything must be done to prevent “a repeat of the horrors of world war,” Putin said Monday in his speech at a military parade commemorating the end of World War II in Moscow. At the same time, he justified the military operation in Ukraine, which serves to defend Russia from an “unacceptable threat”.

Update, 9:30 a.m. – Putin addresses his people on ‘Victory Day’ at military parade

Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin praised the deployment of Russian armed forces in Ukraine during the military parade in Moscow. Soldiers fought for Russia’s security in Donbass, eastern Ukraine, Putin said Monday in Red Square in Moscow. Ukraine had equipped itself with NATO weapons and thus posed a threat to the country. Russia celebrated the 77th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. The holy holiday for Russia was overshadowed by Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

The Kremlin does not speak of war, but of a “special military operation”. This time, no foreign head of state will be invited to the parade. The city center, secured by a large contingent of uniformed men, looked like a fortress.

On May 8, 1945, World War II in Europe ended with the surrender of the German Wehrmacht. Russia celebrates its most important holiday on May 9 with the “Day of Victory” over Nazi Germany.

Update, 9:15 a.m. – Russia’s “Victory Day” military parade live

Update, 8:20 a.m. – Melnyk rails against Scholz speech

Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk lost interest in Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s televised speech shown disappointed in Europe on the anniversary of the end of the World Wart. you can also talk about it “much more concrete” wanted to see how the Bundestag’s decision on the delivery of heavy weapons should be implemented, Melnyk said in the ARD program on Sunday Anne-Will. “Unfortunately, we haven’t heard much new.”

Melnyk called the German government’s commitment to deliver seven self-propelled howitzers – modern artillery systems – to Ukraine a “good decision”. At the same time, he made it clear that he expected much more. “When we hear the Federal Chancellor say that Russia must not win, that means that everything, absolutely everything must be done (…) to help us in this difficult situation, in this war, the worst war since World War II“, asked the diplomat.

Melnyk said that Hitler’s Germany could only be defeated because the United States and other countries provided the Soviet Union with thousands of planes and tanks under the Loan Act. lease. “And we are talking about seven self-propelled howitzers and no other prospects.” Further “historic decisions” by the Bundestag and the federal government would be important to help with whatever Ukraine needs.

Scholz addressed European citizens on Sunday to mark the anniversary of the end of World War II and underlined German support for Ukraine, which had been attacked by Russia. Not helping Ukraine in the fight against the aggressor would mean “surrendering to pure violence”.

Russian space chief threatens Elon Musk and the whole world

Russian space agency chief Dmitry Rogozin has tech billionaire Elon Musk with consequences for Ukraine’s supply of Internet via satellite threatened. Musk’s space company, SpaceX, provided the country attacked by Russia with facilities to use its Starlink satellite network. This gives you a fast internet connection from space. This was useful for Ukrainian authorities and troops when mobile communications and local Internet access failed.

Rogozin wrote on the Telegram chat service on Sunday that Musk was “involved in providing military communications to fascist forces in Ukraine.” That’s what he’s gonna do be responsible “like an adult”.. Musk responded Monday night on Twitter with a joke: “If I were to die under mysterious circumstances, it was good to have known you.” Musk is also the head of electric car maker Tesla and is currently trying to buy Twitter.

Roscosmos boss Rogozin is a strong supporter of the Russian attack on Ukraine and speaks, among other things, of a war in which Russia’s survival is at stake. He also wrote on Telegram on Sunday that the Russia NATO countries could be destroyed in a nuclear war in half an hour – “but we must not allow it because the consequences of a nuclear exchange would affect the state of our earth”.

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