Ukrainian War: Colonel Tells The Truth About The War On Russian TV – A Mistake?

On Russian state television, a colonel tells the truth about the war in Ukraine. an accident? Or will Russia change its strategy?

Mikhail Khodaryonok is what you might call a classic expert. Full of expertise. last served 68-year-old retired colonel in the operational planning of the Russian General Staff. Khodaryonok therefore knows what he means when he speaks of the “complete military-political isolation” of Russia vis-à-vis the war in Ukraine and demands: “We must get out of this”.

In Russia, where the war can only be described as special operations, it borders on a small revolution. Especially since the ex-officer delivered his incendiary speech in one Propaganda-Talkshow from the state broadcaster “Rossiya 1”. Presenter Olga Skabeeva seemed unable to believe what her guest was saying about the Kremlin’s “communicative tranquilizers”.

Indignant, she retorted: “There are many more people in the world who are for us than there are enemies to the west there.” To which Khodarjonok snapped, “But you will certainly agree that the situation is not normal.”

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War in Ukraine: Was his appearance on television a warning signal from an ex-soldier?

What was that? The Russian portal Medusa, critical of the Kremlin and operating from Latvia, offers two explanations. This may have been a ‘wake-up call’ from an ex-serviceman who doesn’t want this to happen anymore thousands of soldiers to die.

“Or it was a reality check to prepare the nation for more negative news.” In this case, everything would have been planned – the angry speech as well as the indignation of the host. It speaks of a “show within the show”. state television generally leaves nothing to chance. It was also noticed that he suddenly took on different tones when he appeared again on Skabeeva’s show on Wednesday. Ukraine will experience “nasty surprises” in the near future.

Putin is pursuing a dual strategy

It is therefore quite possible that the Kremlin controlled the staging. After the “revelation”, Khodarjonok publicly backtracked. Such dual strategy also leads the leadership around Vladimir Putin. In particular, since May 9, there have been no strong attacks from the president. On the “Victory Day” of World War II, Putin accused NATO of “escalation”. At the same time, he mentions his own victims for the first time. Many commentators agreed that Putin wanted to engage the nation in a long war.

Khodarjonok’s performance was therefore only the next act of a propaganda show? doubts remain. Some parts of his analysis sounded too clearly like a general calculation. Anyone listening must have had the impression that the Russian army in Ukraine was on the verge of collapse: “Practically the whole world is against us.

the latest row back seemed forced. Moreover, this is not the first time that the colonel has been noticed by a fundamental criticism. At the beginning of February, he warned against an invasion of Ukraine: “It will not work in any way”.

The retired colonel had seen this course of the war coming

In retrospect, what Khodaryonok wrote back then reads like a script of what really happened on the battlefield. “No one will greet the Russian army in Ukraine with bread, salt and flowers,” he warned. The Ukrainian army is strong, a “Blitzkrieg” impossible. Moreover, there is no doubt that the United States and NATO would quickly arm Ukraine.

Putin ignored all warnings – and now faces the frustration of admonishers. Especially in the army. A dozen generals died during the war of aggression.

But also in other parts of the The Russian elite is increasingly unhappy. Especially in the economy, which is struggling with sanctions. In recent weeks, this has also been the case with Sberbank, which was placed on the sanctions list at the beginning of May. Could it be a coincidence that there is a trail between the bank’s headquarters and Khodaryonok? The ex-colonel publishes mainly on “”. The portal became the property of Sberbank in 2020.

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