Ukrainian War: Deputy BILD Paul Ronzheimer bickers with Sahra Wagenknecht in Lanz – domestic politics

Talk show dispute between BILD-Visas Paul Ronzheimer (37) and left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht (52).

The reason: Wagenknecht pointed out Ukraine and complicity in the Russian invasion of the West. Shreds flew for this statement yesterday on the talk show “Lanz”.

︎ Wagenknecht told Lanz early on that Ukraine had “caused” the war by being too close to the West and that the Russian war of aggression was actually about a “geopolitical conflict between Russia and the United States “.

Even then, Ronzheimer, who had been reporting directly from the Ukraine for years, shook his head. But Wagenknecht did not give up and continued to blame Western politics: Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO membership was also a “totally unnecessary escalation of the conflict”, Wagenknecht said.

Ronzheimer: “I listen with amazement.” It is dangerous to direct this debate in this direction “and to continue to propose half-sentences, half-truths and framed sentences and to say: But the others!”

Then Ronzheimer Wagenknecht made an offer: she should come with him to the war front and talk to the Ukrainian soldiers. They would then tell him firsthand what the Russian soldiers were doing there.

FDP politician Johannes Vogel (40) also attacked Wagenknecht and called his statements “Putin propaganda”: “Mrs. Wagenknecht’s world is always quite simple: Putin good, bad America.

Political scientist Daniela Schwarzer (49) argued against the claim that the West in particular was interested in continuing the war in Ukraine: “The Americans and the British have absolutely no interest in it.” The war costs them a lot of money.

And: “Putin’s goal is to deny Ukraine’s sovereignty, to erase Ukrainian identity. He said it himself. It’s difficult to negotiate on this basis.”

Wagenknecht tries to put things into perspective: yes, Putin said that ONCE…

He also wrote it, comments Ronzheimer.

The left-wing politician’s comment on the cruel war crimes committed by Putin’s troops in the Ukrainian town of Bucha provoked irritation from the group: “Bucha is not a reason to break off negotiations”.

Johannes Vogel: “This sentence leaves me speechless. This war did not happen by chance, it was a war of aggression by Putin, which violates international law, because he denies the existence of Ukraine.”

Paul Ronzheimer then describes the horror he saw with other journalists on site at Butscha and points out the overwhelming evidence.

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