Ukrainian War in the live ticker: +++ 08:32 More German weapons have arrived in Ukraine +++

Ukrainian War in Live Ticker
+++ 08:32 More German weapons have arrived in Ukraine +++

According to a report, more weapons from Germany have arrived in Ukraine. As “Spiegel” reports, citing Ukrainian government circles, 2,450 “RGW 90” type anti-tank handguns, 1,600 DM22 anti-tank mines and 3,000 DM31 anti-tank mines have arrived in the past two weeks. As a result, kyiv had ordered and paid for the “RGW 90” anti-tank weapons, also known as the “Matador”, directly from a German manufacturer. The mines would come from the stocks of the Bundeswehr.

+++ 08:20 Many hotels in Russian-occupied Crimea remain closed +++
According to media reports, the war in Ukraine is also having a major impact on tourism in the Crimean peninsula, occupied by Russia since 2014. The Moscow daily Kommersant reports that there are fears that the number of customers in hotels will drop by 30 to 40%. As a result, up to a third of hotels and apartments could remain closed this summer. Crimea has traditionally been a popular vacation destination for many Russians. Tourism is the main industry on the peninsula. It is estimated that nearly ten million people vacationed here last year. According to regional authorities, the travel industry accounts for 25-30% of state income in Crimea.

+++ 07:51 Russian border region reports shelling by Ukraine +++
Authorities said several buildings in the Russian border region of Kursk were burned and damaged. “Today at five o’clock in the morning, the border village of Alexeyevka in the Glushkovo district was shelled with heavy weapons,” Governor Roman Starovoit said. Thus, three houses, a school and a vehicle were damaged. There are no casualties. According to Russian information, this is a Ukrainian attack. The fire was returned by border guards.

+++ 07:24 report: Putin is heavily involved in military planning +++
According to a report, Vladimir Putin is so involved in war planning that he himself makes decisions for small army units. Referring to Western sources, the British “Guardian” reports that Putin continues to work closely with Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov. “We believe that Putin and Gerasimov are involved in tactical decisions at a level that we would normally expect from a colonel or brigadier general,” one of the newspaper’s military sources said. Ben Barry, a former British army officer, told the newspaper: “A head of government should have better things to do than make military decisions. It should define the political strategy instead of getting bogged down in current affairs.

+++ 06:46 US experts: Russians want to reopen Mariupol port +++
Russian forces are trying to reopen the port of Mariupol to establish sea routes from Russia, reports the US military institute ISW. According to this information, a sunken Ukrainian ship was taken out of the harbor basin on Sunday. Pro-Russian militiamen from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic want the port to be cleared of mines by May 25, they say.

+++ 06:06 governor: Sievzherodonetsk under heavy fire +++
At least ten people were killed in attacks on the city of Sieverodonetsk, Luhansk region governor Serhiy Gaiday said on Telegram. Russian troops would shell Sieverodonetsk “incessantly”. Due to the ongoing bombardments, access to the area and communication are currently made much more difficult. He asked residents not to leave the shelters. In an earlier statement, Gaiday warned of artillery attacks on Sieverodonetsk and the nearby town of Lysychansk. This caused fires in residential areas.

+++ 03:46 start of social assistance for Ukrainians may fail for lack of special paper +++
Districts see problems in implementing the right to Hartz IV benefits for refugees from Ukraine. The start of social assistance from June 1 could fail due to bureaucracy. The reason for this is a lack of special paper, explains district council chairman Reinhard Sager to the newspapers of the “Funke Mediengruppe”. “The Federal Printing Office is currently unable to provide sufficient sample tamper-proof documents on which immigration authorities issue their fictitious certificates.” The certificates serve as proof for an application for a residence permit. “It may seem anachronistic, but it’s happening in 2022.” Employment agencies should be able to temporarily recognize other certificates from immigration offices.

+++ 01:41 Ukraine reports rocket attack near Lviv +++
According to Ukrainian sources, the area around the city of Lviv in western Ukraine has again become the target of an airstrike. The attack targeted a military installation in the Yavoriv district on the border with Poland, local military leader Maxim Kositsky wrote on his Telegram news channel. Mayor Andriy Sadoviy stressed that there was no confirmed information about rocket fire in the city and thanked the air defense. In mid-March, a Russian airstrike hit the military training area of ​​Javoriv, ​​killing 35 people according to Ukrainian sources. In Yavoriv, ​​Ukrainian soldiers had been training with Western instructors in recent years.

+++ 11:42 p.m. kyiv: 260 soldiers leave the Azov steelworks +++
After weeks of blockade, about 260 Ukrainian soldiers have left the Azov steel plant in Mariupol, authorities said. They are to be taken to territory occupied by Russian troops and returned later as part of a prisoner exchange, the Ukrainian General Staff said on Facebook. Learn more here.

+++ 11:10 p.m. Eyewitness: Buses with Mariupol soldiers arrived in Novoazovsk +++
According to an eyewitness, Ukrainian soldiers evacuated from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol arrived in Novoazovsk. Some were injured, he reports.

+++ 22:34 According to the American think tank, Russia must increasingly resort to private militias +++
The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) sees indications that Russia is running out of recruitable reservists. For this reason, Russian military leaders are forced, for example, to combine soldiers from private military companies with others. This suspicion is supported by Ukrainian information about the Russian army’s recruitment efforts. According to this, the Ukrainian military intelligence service reported that the Russian armed forces were carrying out a secret mobilization in order to be able to set up new units.

+++ 22:15 US Treasury Secretary draws lessons from the war against the Nazis: harsh sanctions against Russia +++
According to the New York Times, US Treasury Secretary Yellen vowed to continue to hold Russia accountable for its attack on Ukraine, citing the way the US handled Nazi Germany during World War II. . Visiting a museum devoted to the history of Polish Jews, she drew parallels to the actions of then-US Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau: In 1940, when the United States was still officially neutral in the war , Morgenthau urged President Franklin D. Roosevelt to sign an executive order, which froze the assets of Denmark and Norway. He wanted to prevent such appropriation by the Nazis so that the money could not finance the German invasion of other countries.

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