Ukrainian war: soldiers track Putin’s troops on electric bikes

In the daily struggle against Russian troops, the Ukrainians again and again to creative methods.

The drone capabilities of the Ukrainian army have often been praised. Entire columns of Russian tanks were thus eliminated in an unconventional way.

Now there are pictures of a rather unusual new war vehicle: Ukrainian fighters use electric bikes to fight against Russian positions!

An electric bicycle with transport box for the British anti-tank missile NLAWFoto: Twitter/HillridgeOSINT

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An electric bicycle with transport box for the British anti-tank missile NLAWPhoto: Twitter/HillridgeOSINT

E-bikes from the Ukrainian brands “Delfast” and “ELEEK” are manoeuvrable, fast and one thing above all: particularly quiet. In this way, Ukrainians can hunt down their opponents and strike surprisingly.

In addition to being silent, bicycles have another – very important – advantage: they do not need fuel. Because it’s rare everywhere right now. Gas stations ration the sale of gasoline, especially in hotly contested areas.

E-bikes, on the other hand, only have to be recharged, which currently works without major problems.

“During the first weeks of the Russian invasion, Delfast provided the Ukrainian Armed Forces with two e-bikes for their needs,” spokeswoman Iryna Zaloha told BILD.

In addition, a bicycle “has been made available to volunteer paramedics for humanitarian needs in Kyiv”. For free, as Zaloha points out.

In fact, the bikes are also designed for city traffic. But: thanks to the deep tire profile, they are also suitable for off-road use – an advantage on off-road terrain where it is always muddy.

The bikes Foto: Delfast

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“Delfast” bikes can also be used in difficult conditionsPhoto: Delfast

According to the manufacturer, the “Delfast Top 3.0” model (7000 euros) reaches a speed of up to 80 km/h and has a range of more than 300 kilometers. A 3000 watt motor in the rear wheel drives the e-bike. Ukrainian fighters can set the bike in motion by pedaling, but it is also possible to drive only with the accelerator.

Delfast donates 5% of all sales to support Ukraine.

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