United man devastated after rout: ‘Was Ronaldo making fun of his own team?’ – Male. United

The Red Devils were beaten by Brighton (0-4) and worsened the results crisis

The rout suffered this Saturday by Manchester United against Brighton (0-4) deepened the Red Devils results crisis further and, late in the game, former Premier League stars Graeme Souness and Dion Dublin left plenty of criticism for the English side, which they regard as “making the wrong decisions 10 years ago”. “Four [golos] weren’t enough for Brighton. He looks like the man. United came for a walk. Since Ferguson left, they’ve made some ridiculously bad football decisions. What geniuses sat down and thought, ‘Let’s get rid of Solskjaer, and there’s a person, a consultant, who told me he was the right person! Let’s see his CV,'” Souness began, telling ‘Sky Sports’, in reference to Ralf Rangnick.


Manchester United leave Brighton home and Europe is in danger

Bruno Fernandes: “What I did today was not enough to wear the Man's jersey.  United

He continued: “There is nothing in his CV that would have given him the job at Man United. If you look at the players who have signed, who have sold, who have renewed… I don’t know where is linked in football decisions have come. There are 10 years who constantly make bad decisions. Bathhouse? I would say there are a lot of bad apples in this group.

Dion Dublin, former Red Devils player and commentator on the same channel, spoke of a moment in the match that caught his attention. “One of the signs is when a ‘frame’ passes just past one of Brighton’s goals that Ronaldo was laughing in…you might think: are you making fun of the players in the team itself, of the situation itself? You have to think, ‘What’s going on here?

With this result, Man. United remain in 6th place in the Premier League, putting European competitions at risk next season.

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