United States: Microsoft director shot dead in front of his daughter

Mysterious murder case in the United States: a Microsoft official is lured into the street and shot dead in public in the presence of his two-year-old daughter. There is no visible pattern, there is almost no trace of the author.

Jacksonville Beach (Florida, USA) – Jared Bridegan (33) was a father of four, married twice, a successful career man – and the victim of a cowardly murder.

On February 16, the Microsoft executive brought his nine-year-old twins from his first marriage to his ex-wife, Shanna Fernandez. Then he returned home. Her two-year-old daughter, Bexley, was in her car. While driving he discovered a tire in the middle of the road, he wanted to remove the obstacle. An apparent trap to lure Bridegan out of the car, police told the British Daily Mail.

As he exited his vehicle around 7:30 p.m., Bridegan was shot dead in the middle of the road. He died instantly while his child – still strapped in the child seat – had to watch everything. After the killer fled, a terrified Bexley sat alone in the car, screaming, for about three minutes, until a passerby noticed him and called the police.

Jared Bridegan married his second wife Kirsten in 2018 and had two daughters with herFoto: justiceforjaredb/Instagram

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Jared Bridegan married his second wife Kirsten in 2018 and had two daughters with herPhoto: justiceforjaredb/Instagram

Bridegan’s wife, Kirsten Bridegan, was at home with the couple’s other child, London, at the time of the crime – waiting in vain for her husband to return.

According to the Jacksonville Beach Police Department, there are no suspects in this case. But at least a first lead has been found: Police released a photo of a dark blue Ford truck and asked for the public’s help in locating the vehicle.

Friends and supporters of the Bridegans held a vigil last month to demand justice in the case. “This brotherhood is strong, we are strong, and God is the strongest of all, and He will not stand idly by,” Kirsten Bridegan said at the Jacksonville Beach rally.

Neither Bridegan’s ex-wife nor the two twins were present. They were also absent from the funeral, even though they were invited.

Meanwhile, the police are still doing everything they can to solve the case. The reward for information leading to solving the crime has been increased several times over the past few weeks – most recently to $55,000 (about €52,000).

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