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They just wanted to live in peace, but Putin and his henchmen won’t let them. They bomb towns and villages, rape, rob – and kidnap Ukrainians!

According to the US Department of Defense, there are indications that Ukrainians are being forcibly brought to Russia by Russian troops. “I can’t say how many camps there are or what they look like,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Monday. “But we have evidence of Ukrainians being brought into Russia against their will,” Kirby said. He called the behavior “ruthless”.

Marianna also seems to be an example. The woman who is very pregnant Putin’s attack on a Maternity in Mariupol survived, soon after had her baby girl – then suddenly appeared in a nasty Russian propaganda video.

Russian propagandists put Marianna in front of a camera and made her say that there was no air raid on the hospital. Even then, the mayor of Mariupol accused Putin’s troops of simply kidnapping people from his town and making them do forced labor in Russia.

BILD TV reported in late April on the abduction of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians from prison camps in Russia.

︎ Olga Romanowa (56), founder of the non-governmental organization “Russia behind bars”, which deals with prisoners in Russian prisons, said on BILD TV: “Many prisons near the border with Russia “Ukraine are currently being emptied. The prisoners actually incarcerated will be transferred inside the country, and the Ukrainians will be housed in their place”.

They are not just prisoners of war under international law. “Many of them are captured soldiers from the Ukrainian army. But there are also civilians who were arrested in Ukraine and deported there. They do not have access to a lawyer and they are not charged.”

For example, the Ukrainian Roman Vujko (50 years old): he is not a soldier but a civilian, was arrested by the Russians on March 2 in Hostomel near kyiv and is currently in prison in the Russian city of Kursk.

Roman Vujko is among those abducted - he is seriously ill and urgently needs medicineFoto: Privat

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Roman Vujko is among those abducted – he is seriously ill and urgently needs medicinePhoto: Private

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