US minister calls for ceasefire: Austin and Schoigu talk for the first time since the start of the war

US minister calls for ceasefire
Austin and Shoigu talk to each other for the first time since the start of the war

US Secretary of Defense Austin and his Russian counterpart Shoigu spoke face to face for the first time since Russia attacked Ukraine. Austin stresses the importance of staying in touch. At the same time, he makes demands.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu for the first time since Russia’s attack on Ukraine, calling for a “ceasefire immediate “. Austin and Shoigu last spoke on February 18 – just under a week before the Russian invasion of the neighboring country began. Austin stressed the importance of maintaining communications, the US Department of Defense said.

The Shoigu Ministry announced to Moscow that Austin had taken the initiative. Current international security issues were discussed. The phone call also covered the situation in Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry gave no details. The Russian power apparatus recently complained that there was no longer any contact between Moscow and Washington. Russia had accused the United States of further fueling the conflict in Ukraine with arms shipments.

Russian leaders had repeatedly spoken of a very dangerous situation. Russia likens the US military involvement in Ukraine to a proxy war. Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of wanting to fight to the last Ukrainian soldier.

The United States supports Ukraine with important arms deliveries. At the same time, under no circumstances does the government in Washington want to intervene directly in the conflict and become a party to the war.

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