US soldiers back in Somalia: Biden revises Trump’s decision to withdraw troops

US soldiers return to Somalia
Biden revises Trump’s troop withdrawal decision

Shortly before leaving office, President Trump withdraws all US troops from the crisis-ridden region of Somalia. His successor is now reversing his decision, as the Biden government perceives a growing terrorist threat from the African country.

The United States is once again stationing troops in Somalia due to the growing threat from the terrorist group Al-Shabaab. A senior US government official said in a switchboard with reporters that the East African country’s withdrawal ordered by President Joe Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, at the end of 2020 would be reversed. Since then, al-Shabaab has grown in strength.

Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, ordered the withdrawal of most US troops stationed in Somalia in late 2020 during his final weeks in office. As a result, around 750 American soldiers left the country. As a result, the US military continued to fight against the Al-Shabaab militia and trained Somali soldiers in the country. However, American soldiers only visited Somalia for short stays. The number of soldiers will be less than 500 in the future and therefore lower than the level before the withdrawal.

The Sunni terrorist group Al-Shabaab has been fighting for supremacy in the Horn of Africa country for years. US soldiers there supported the Somali government and local security forces in the fight against Al-Shabaab.

The US official said al-Shabaab has become the biggest and richest ally of the al-Qaeda terrorist network. The terrorist organization has been responsible for the deaths of more than a dozen Americans in Africa in recent years. Biden is following a recommendation from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin by redeploying US soldiers. The announcement of a renewed presence of American troops in Somalia came a day after the election of former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as head of the Somali state.

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