Use of reservists? : Russian troops would lack many things

Use of reservists?
It is said that Russian troops lack many things

Whether in terms of equipment or personnel: According to the Ukrainian general staff, the Russian army would have suffered significant losses. Consequences: In some cases, troops would have less than a fifth of their equipment.

According to Ukrainian information, Russian troops suffer from a sometimes disastrous lack of equipment. The General Staff of the Ukrainian army said on Facebook that Russia suffered significant losses in terms of people and equipment. In some cases, Russian troops would be less than 20% equipped.

At Pospana, units of the airborne troops had therefore joined forces with mercenary troops because of heavy losses. Together they wanted to continue the war in Ukraine. According to the Dutch internet platform Oryx, which meticulously documents Russian losses during the war, Russia lost hundreds of tanks and other military vehicles.

According to kyiv, the command of the Russian armed forces is trying to use more reservists to compensate for the losses of the troops. Two thousand five hundred reservists would be trained in the regions of Voronezh, Belgorod and Rostov. It is planned to send them to the war in Ukraine.

American Institute: the Russians are strengthening their positions in the south

The Institute for the Studies of War (ISW), an American think tank on war research, supports this account. The think tank assumes that the personnel reserves of the Russian armed forces are largely exhausted. The Russian high command is therefore forced to fill the decimated units with mercenaries or unskilled soldiers, according to the institute’s current situation report.

Military experts cite reports that Russian mercenaries are now serving in regular army airborne units. In addition, the 810th Marine Infantry Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet was reportedly replenished with crew members from warships. The Institute considers the grouped units unlikely to be combat effective.

The institute also assumes that Russia has abandoned its plan for a major pincer attack in the Donbass. Instead, Russian troops focused on a smaller encirclement in the Luhansk region, according to the institute’s current situation report.

The Russian high command would probably prioritize the Battle of Sievarodonetsk in the future. According to the report, Russian forces are currently continuing their efforts to capture the city from the north and south. In southern Ukraine, in the Cherson region, US experts are seeing signs that Russian troops are strengthening their positions – likely in an effort to exert permanent control over the area.

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