Veríssimo confirms the debuts of two more P. Ferreira youngsters: ‘There is quality in Benfica’s training’ – Benfica

Reds coach even says some can line up at start

Nélson Veríssimo made this Thursday the preview of the match between Benfica and Paços de Ferreira, in Capital do Móvel, a match of the last round of the Bwin League, which is played at 8:30 p.m.
It’s the last game of the season, there is already a position defined for Benfica. What message did you send to the players?
“What we hope is to have a good match and end up with a victory. Despite the situation of the two teams which is defining itself, it’s still an important match, away from home, against a good team. César Peixoto made good work. will have to be very good and we will have to face this game as if it were the first of a season.”

Satisfied with your role as a coach?
It was not my concern to consider myself a coach. When you cling to a team, the performance of the group says a lot about the work of the coach. But when I embraced this mission, what was important was what I could add to the team. I am aware that the mission did not end as we wished. We reached the League Cup final and we couldn’t win; we failed to clinch the domestic title and we had the Champions League problem. We knew it was going to be difficult but it was possible. I am aware that we have done everything to successfully complete this mission.”

Which Benfica will we have tomorrow? Are you going to release the B team players?
“Above all, it will be a Benfica that seeks to win, to play a good game. Following the injuries we have had and the penalties, there will be changes, we will take young people who had not yet been included in the squad. roster for the A team. Martim Neto, Diego Moreira, Sandro and Gouveia return. Tomás is already part of the A team. This does not mean that the talent is exhausted in these players. Throughout this journey, we have worked with several young people who were part of the squad, that does not mean that because they are and not others who no longer exist with quality Some tomorrow will be able to play at the start or enter with the match in progress. There is quality in Benfica’s formation, opportunities will come but they have to keep fighting like there is no tomorrow.”

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