Visit to Madrid: King of Spain wants to meet controversial father Juan Carlos

Visit to Madrid
The King of Spain wants to meet the controversial father Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos has faced many scandals since his abdication. The old Spanish king now lives in exile in Abu Dhabi. King Felipe has so far been careful to avoid harming the royal family by being too close to him.

King Felipe VI of Spain. reportedly agreed to meet his controversial father, former King Juan Carlos, who lives in exile in Abu Dhabi, Madrid. Felipe promised that during a phone call with his father, Spanish state broadcaster RTVE and other outlets reported, citing the royal family.

The king made the call from Abu Dhabi, where he traveled on Sunday to offer his condolences to the former Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Sajid, following the death of his half-brother, the president longtime Khalifa bin Sajid. He died Friday at the age of 73.

A date for the old Spanish king’s first trip to his homeland, which he left in the summer of 2020, and an official confirmation of the phone call were not initially known. At the beginning of March, after the end of all criminal investigations against himself, Juan Carlos announced that he wished to remain in exile for the time being, but that he would soon be making sporadic visits to his native country.

Short visit without overnight stay?

The influential daily ‘El Mundo’, close to the royal family, reported on Friday that Juan Carlos was angry because his son only wanted to allow a short visit to the royal residence of Zarzuela near Madrid without spending the night .

Like Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s leftist government, Felipe is determined to avoid harming the royal family by being too close to Juan Carlos. According to a poll conducted six months ago, a small majority of Spaniards (53%) are convinced that the monarchy is an outdated institution that should be abolished. Juan Carlos is certainly largely responsible for this.

After all, the 84-year-old only escaped criminal prosecution for financial irregularities because he was either protected by his royal immunity until his abdication in 2014 or the actions were barred. Sánchez stressed that the ex-monarch owed an explanation to the Spanish people.

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