Vítor Bruno gets emotional when talking about his father Vítor Manuel: ‘It’s a crime for teams not to consider him an asset’ – FC Porto

FC Porto assistant thanks his father, historic coach

Vítor Bruno underlined the “symbiosis” he has with Sérgio Conceição, in the sense of helping FC Porto win titles. “There is a lot of knowledge between the two. The symbiosis is great and then we bring together complementary conditions, with different functions. I try to make my contribution to what I have done in terms of what the fans want in these five.” There is still a final to be won and the club lives on titles,” Porto’s assistant coach told Sport TV after the victory against Estoril (2-0).


Sérgio Conceição: “I have a two-year contract.  We are going to prepare for the Cup final and then we will see.

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“Many hours are lost oiling this machine. We always try to go as far as possible, because our opponents force us to do so. It’s our way of being and whoever wants to be at the best level cannot think otherwise. “, he added. added.

Asked about the impact of departures in the middle of the season, Vítor Bruno commented: “When the dynamic is very anchored, and you lose influential players, but Sérgio passes the mystique. We cannot mortgage the life of the club depending on one or the other player. .. to follow our path and there was no time to waste. Everything is won to the millimeter. We had at times many players going through different areas of the pitch because we felt it would be necessary. In addition to João Mário, Fábio has also grown over time, you can walk on different areas of the pitch at a high level. They had the ability to transform and create metamorphoses, always based on a collective idea.

Finally, a word to his father, Vítor Manuel, historic coach of Portuguese football: “He is a symbol of national football and it was with him that I ventured. It was he who dared to take me with him, who was nobody in football, for everything he gave me professionally and for the values ​​he passed on to me throughout my life. talk about it. I am very sorry to see that today there is a fashion for the very young and I speak against me. Knowledge is not that it is old. It is a crime that the teams in Portugal don’t see him as an asset.”

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