Vitor Catão suspended for more than three years

The Disciplinary Board of AF Porto suspended for three and a half years, on Monday, Vítor Catão, president of São Pedro da Cova. The club was also penalized with one defeat and three matches behind closed doors.

According to the document published on the official website of AF Porto, Vítor Catão has been suspended for three and a half years and forced to pay a fine of 550 euros.

The president of São Pedro da Cova had been suspended preventively by the Disciplinary Board of AF Porto at the beginning of April for facts which occurred during the match with São Lourenço do Douro, counting for the Cup, in which the referee was attacked while which he ran for the public bath. In the sanction map published at the time, Vítor Catão had also been sanctioned through disciplinary proceedings.

Referee Ricardo Carriço stopped the match in the 60th minute as he understood that the safety conditions were not met, after the local team, São Lourenço do Douro, won 1-0. According to António Pereira, leader of the Marco de Canaveses club, the author of the attack on the judge was the president of the Gondomarense emblem. “In addition to having a video showing everything, I saw that he [Vítor Catão] hit the referee. If we want to improve football, I have to talk about what happened,” he told JN.

On the same day, however, the president of São Pedro da Cova denied the accusation of having been targeted: “In the videos you can clearly see that it is not me who is there. I did not hit anyone.”

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