Vodafone: Cable TV channels will soon be swapped

Television and radio stations will soon receive new frequencies in Vodafone’s cable network – for many customers, chaos in the order of stations on television means. You can do it.

Streaming may also become increasingly important in Germany – but a large proportion of Germans still trust linear cable TV. Around 13 million homes depend on Vodafone’s cable network. A major reorganization of television and radio stations is imminent.

Concretely, many stations will be assigned a new frequency: on the one hand, this should ensure the uniformity of the cable network throughout Germany and, on the other hand, create more space for future extensions. through more efficient use of frequencies.

In principle, this initially does not change anything in the TV offer – depending on the device used, however, it may happen that the day after the change the channels are no longer in the usual time slots or that individual channels are missing entirely.

What should be done after the frequency change?

According to the company, anyone using a TV receiver from Vodafone (formerly Unitymedia) or Sky should face no restrictions. However, the condition for this is that the device is not turned off overnight. The necessary channel search can be performed automatically in the background.

If you are using other devices – or have connected the cable directly to your TV, you may need to run a channel scan manually after the change. The operation in detail should be consulted in the manual of the respective device. Most of the time, you can find the “scanning” setting but in the device settings menu. There you need to enable automatic channel search.

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