“Vsevolod Bobrov” damaged? : Ukraine: a burnt Russian tanker

“Wsewolod Bobrow” beschÃĪdigt?
Ukraine: a burnt Russian tanker

According to Ukrainian sources, a Russian supply ship was hit by a rocket not far from Snake Island. A fire reportedly broke out on the “Vsevolod Bobrow”. The ship is one of the newest in the Russian Navy.

Ukrainian forces say they damaged one of the Russian Navy’s newest ships in the Black Sea. The logistics ship “Vsevolod Bobrov” was hit by a missile near Snake Island and set on fire, Odessa Military District Armed Forces spokesman Serhiy Brachuk said. Due to the damage, the ship was forced to return to the port of Sevastopol. The information could not be independently verified. There was no comment from Moscow.

The Vsevolod Bobrov is the second of three Elbrus-class ships commissioned by the Russian Navy in 2012. The “Vsevolod Bobrow” was built by the Severnaya shipyard in St. Petersburg. After a long delay, the ship would have launched in August 2021. Supposedly, it was yesterday on its way to Snake Island. According to unconfirmed information, the “Vsevolod Bobrow” had on board, among other things, anti-aircraft guns. According to Brachuk, the ship only reached Sevastopol on February 17, a week before the start of the Russian invasion.

Elbrus-class vessels are designed for the storage and transport of dry cargo, fresh water and ammunition to distant shores and other vessels. They are also suitable for rescue missions on the high seas and can act as tugs. Up to 40 shipping containers can be accommodated on ships of this class. The two rear cranes can move goods weighing up to 50 tons. The “Vsevolod Bobrov” is the only Elbrus-class ship in the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Another is part of the Northern Fleet. The third copy is still under construction.

Snake Island fell to the Russians at the start of the war. Reports from Moscow and kyiv had recently suggested heavy fighting around the island. According to British intelligence information, Moscow is trying to reinforce its troops on the island. With the deployment of cruise missiles and strategic air defenses, the Kremlin could dominate the northwest Black Sea and the Odessa Gate, sources in London say.

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