War in Ukraine: Russian soldiers flee – and lose documents on Putin’s attack plans

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In the war in Ukraine, the Russian attackers had to withdraw in places. Sensitive documents fall into the hands of defense lawyers.

kyiv – In the north of the country, the war in Ukraine is hardly going as Vladimir Putin had imagined. Ukrainian troops managed to repel the attackers from Russia, especially around Kharkiv. kyiv’s counter-offensive is said to have even started firing at targets in Russia itself.

Documents left by Russian soldiers in the small Ukrainian town of Trostyanets prove that the Kremlin originally planned the conflict in Ukraine very differently. The city is located northwest of Kharkov and was occupied by Russian troops for a month. According to the Ukrainian authorities, their own investigators found “sensitive documents belonging to soldiers of the Russian armed forces”. An area of ​​over 2,000 hectares has been excavated in the city. The documents found there would give insight into Putin’s plans for Ukraine.

Ukrainian war: Vladimir Putin’s plans surfaced

According to the plans, Russian ambitions are by no means limited to eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian authorities have announced. On the contrary, they would prove “that Russia is preparing to conquer the whole territory of Ukraine”. The documents would then be assessed to gather more information about Russia’s attack plans in the war against Ukraine.

According to the French news portal France24, the Russian army had used the station in the town of Trostyanets as their headquarters. From there, the military operation in northern Ukraine was organized. The place also served as a reloading area for tanks and equipment. After the conquest of kyiv, Russian military leaders actually wanted to settle in the capital of Ukraine.

Information about Trostianets
administrative area Sumy Oblast (Northern Ukraine)
population 19,985 inhabitants (as of 2020)
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Moscow’s plan with Ukraine: ‘Putin’s goals have not changed’

However, as is known, the plans for the invasion of Moscow were not crowned with success. The offensive in the north of the country has stopped, the troops around kyiv have withdrawn and Vladimir Putin is now concentrating his attacks on the east of the country. During the retreat, the headquarters of Trostyanets was also abandoned.

Ukrainian soldiers in the town of Trostyanets next to a destroyed Russian troop carrier.
Ukrainian soldiers in the town of Trostyanets next to a destroyed Russian troop carrier. © Fadel Senna/AFP

The authenticity of the documents cannot be independently verified. However, the information is consistent with information available to NATO. “There is no indication that President Putin has given up on his ambitions to control all of Ukraine,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in April. The United States also had no other information. “We don’t know if Putin’s goals have changed and if he has really abandoned kyiv,” said CIA deputy director Avril Haines. (Daniel Dilman)

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