“Whether it’s for FC Porto or another club, time will tell”

The words of Sérgio Conceição, coach of FC Porto, in an interview with Expresso.

Sérgio Conceição has celebrated his third national title as FC Porto manager, but he wants more. The Dragons coach is focused on the Portuguese Cup final, playing at Jamor with Tondela, and, in the longer term, he dreams of a club fighting for European titles again.

“Of course I do! I particularly like Porto, because I came here when I was 15. Being a man from the Centre, from Coimbra, I became a man here. I have a passion, a great love for the city, the region, the club, to everything that is the very characteristic of a people who live the club and its victories with passion. In what I do, I think that it is part of associating this way of being with people of the North, conquer tomorrow what is in the museum what has already passed, ”he began by saying.

“I aspire to be better tomorrow than I am today, honestly. It’s my way of being and what emerges will come naturally. I don’t want to take big steps, but I can’t be in contradiction with what I say, because I am a club that has already won the Champions League, won titles at international level, I cannot say that I aspire to a bigger club to win these titles, I aspires to train well, with determination and with a lot of passion to develop my work and achieve the proposed goals, in a club like FC Porto, at the moment, that’s what I focus on, to conquer the most possible from other clubs in Europe, we always fight with great quality and with great will.”

The coach recalled the performance of the team in the race for millionaires. “He is still among the best and, not being a favorite to win the Champions League, he is still a candidate,” he said, making it clear that winning the competition is on his mind. “Would you like to win the Champions League one day? Clearly yes. Whether it’s for FC Porto or another club, time will tell. All competitions,” he concluded.

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