Wirecard Scandal: A Glimpse into the World of Marsalek


Status: 05/21/2022 06:00

Former Wirecard manager Marsalek is likely in hiding in Russia. Former Constitutional Protection Officer Weiss likely helped him – but he denies the charge of aiding the escape.

By Josef Streule and Arne Meyer-Fünffinger, BR

There has been no trace of Jan Marsalek for almost two years: on the evening of June 19, 2020, the former Wirecard board member took off – by plane from the small Austrian airport in Bad Vöslau in the direction of from Minsk. To this day, it is unknown where Marsalek ultimately hid.

Arne Meyer-Funffinger

One of the people who supported Marsalek is Martin Weiss. The 58-year-old worked until spring 2018 for the Austrian Office for the Protection of the Constitution BVT, which has since been dissolved. According to his own account, he retired for health reasons. He then worked for a now liquidated company called “IMS Capital” in Munich. A close friend of Marsalek ran the business there.

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After several months of reflection, Weiss canceled a meeting with journalists from the bavarian radio and the “Welt am Sonntag” in its new home Dubai. He found a new job in a financial company in the metropolis of the United Arab Emirates. This is his first interview.

In early April, the former intelligence man was sitting on the 33rd floor of a hotel, the meeting point. He wears jeans and a light blue shirt with his initials embroidered on it. The skinny man doesn’t just look exhausted, he also looks exhausted because of the dark circles under his eyes.

Contact with Marsalek even after his disappearance

Weiss and Marsalek have known each other since 2015. They call each other names and both have a “friendly relationship”. Marsalek is someone you can talk to about anything, “in many languages,” Weiss recalled in an interview. Munich report. It always sounds like admiration and not resentment: “When you get married, you don’t know in the end whether it will go well or not. For investigative authorities in Germany and Austria, he is a key figure in shedding light on the mysterious disappearance of the former Wirecard board member.

In fact, according to Weiss, Marsalek was still trying to get in touch with him after he went into hiding. Marsalek usually wrote to him via encrypted messaging services, “then I called him back on a secure line.”

“It was always about how he could help me”

At the end of January 2021, the Vienna public prosecutor’s office had Weiss arrested and questioned, after which he had to be hospitalized for a long time. After that, Marsalek reconnected, Weiss reports. It was in the spring of 2021, more than six months after his disappearance.

Weiss doesn’t want to have asked the former Wirecard board where he was and his plans. Instead, he worried about himself: “How are you now? Can you make ends meet?” Weiss continues, “It was always about how he could help me.” This information cannot be verified, as Weiss claims that all communications with Marsalek have been suppressed. In addition, the prosecution is in possession of the mobile phones through which the communication would have taken place.

Weiss helped Marsalek leave the country

In an interview with BR and “WamS” Weiss also describes the last hours before Marsalek left the EU: On June 18, 2020, the director asked confidants to go to an Italian restaurant in downtown Munich, including Weiss. “Then he told us that he was on leave from Wirecard and that the supervisory board had asked him to investigate now.”

Marsalek explained to him that he would go to the Philippines via Minsk. That’s why he asked her to organize a robbery. “He gave me his passport, I sent these documents to Austria with the request that a plane be arranged. At first I didn’t think about it, I didn’t find anything objectionable,” says Weiss .

Weiss does not organize the theft himself, he delegates the task to a former FPÖ politician. Finally, Marsalek takes off with a private plane from Bad Vöslau. Weiss rejects the allegation of aiding the escape made by investigating authorities in Vienna and Munich: Marsalek had left the country officially and registered.

Arrest warrant only three days after the escape

On request from BR and “WamS” confirms the Munich public prosecutor’s office that before June 22, 2020 Marsalek was not strongly suspected of having committed a crime. There was also no arrest warrant at the time. The authorities only made the request on the morning of June 22.

At that time, it was clear from an ad hoc announcement by Wirecard that there was not €1.9 billion believed to be in Philippine trust accounts.

For the Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Finance, Florian Toncar, it is ultimately what Weiss knew of the fugitive’s motives and the criminal acts he might have committed that is decisive. The FDP politician was a member of the Wirecard inquiry committee during the last legislature.

Where is Marsalek?

Where is Marsalek today? Weiss doesn’t know where he is, he explained in an interview in Dubai: “I don’t have any suspicions either, I didn’t ask him.” Bruno Kahl, head of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND), said on May 7, 2021 as a witness for the closed-door Wirecard Inquiry Committee: “There are credible indications that Mr Marsalek is in Moscow”.

According to research by BR and “WamS”, the latest media reports that the Russian secret service FSB promised the BND a meeting with Marsalek are not accurate.

In security circles, it is said that only one contact with suspected FSB links in Moscow offered the BND a meeting with Marsalek. The repeat offer was ultimately classified as questionable. It was not an official FSB offer. FDP politician Toncar suspects: “The longer the stay in Russia lasts, the more likely it becomes, in my opinion, that there is no point in him being allowed to leave the country.”

You can find out more about this in the Munich report of 05/24/22 from 9:45 p.m.

Marsalek’s confidant defends himself against allegations of aiding the escape

Arne Meyer-Fünffinger, ARD Berlin, May 21, 2022 at 06:21 a.m.

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