With this e-bike you can travel from Hamburg to Berlin

For most e-bikes, the range is over after about 100 km. From there, you can only continue with muscle strength. But it’s not just here that Opium, the new Swiss bicycle forge, is breaking down certain boundaries. According to the manufacturer, the company’s new S-Pedelec has a range of 340 km with the integrated battery and a range extender. With it you can easily travel from Hamburg to Berlin and thus further than many electric cars in the city.

New electric bikes: Opium 6.0 and Opium 4.0

The new S-Pedelec doesn’t just flaunt its autonomy. Because with a nominal power of 850 watts, it is more than three times more powerful than a conventional e-bike. There are also 4-piston brakes with ABS and a choice of 12 or 9-speed Pinion gears. It is attached directly to the bottom bracket and is therefore hidden where the motor is on many e-bikes. The brushless motor sits in the hub of the rear wheel and is driven by a belt. Autonomy is also its merit, as it recovers when not used for propulsion. It feeds energy back into the battery when driving downhill, for example.

Opium will offer the new e-bike model in two equipment versions. As mentioned, they differed in the shifting, but also in the lighting and the brakes. Because with Opium 4.0 you have to do without ABS. Opium makes no difference when it comes to colors. The models will be launched in 12 models. Also identical for both models: the digital equipment. There’s a GPS tracker for location and theft protection, plus a keyless immobilizer.

Opium 6.0
Opium 6.0

Market launch and price

Opium does not yet show all data and, above all, no prices for Opium 6.0 and Opium 4.0. The Eurobike 2022 bike show will bring more light into the darkness. The pre-order period will begin in July this year. The e-bike will not hit the market until spring 2023.

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